Majestic Before After Image

Majestic Before After Image is a WordPress plugin to compare two images by placing them side-by-side. It supports both horizontal and vertical orientation, custom labels, text or arrows handlers and more.

25 May, 2023

Majestic Before After Image is the best WordPress plugin to compare two images. This image comparison slider plugin supports horizontal and vertical orientations. It is an Elementor addon with tons of features you need to show the comparison of two images with a beautiful handler/slide.

Majestic Before After Image works on mouse hover if enabled on widget options. Additionally, you can use default arrows or custom text such as Drag, Move, Swipe, VS, etc, on the main handler. Furthermore,

Key Features

  • Horizontal and Vertical Orientations
  • Drag or Mouse Hover to slide handle
  • Before and After labels customization and supports custom texts
  • Show labels on hover, always or never
  • Option to enable or disable overlay
  • Option to change default handle offset position
  • Supports arrows or text handle
  • 6+ handle styles
  • Typography and color options
  • Horizontal / Vertical Orientation
  • Arrows or Text Handler
  • Supports Mouse Hover
  • Typography & Color Options