WooCommerce Product Tabs

WooCommerce Product Tabs is the best WordPress plugin to add new tabs for WooCommerce products. You can add as many custom tabs as you need to the WooCommerce product using this plugin. It adds the standard WordPress WYSIWYG editor for each new tab you create. Additionally, it also supports shortcodes, images, HTML and embedded codes on the tab content.

You can assign a newly added custom tab as a default tab to all products or use it for a specific product only. WooCommerce Product Tabs plugin allows you to change the order of all tabs you have added.

Plugin Installation

Install WooCommerce Product Tabs

Or you can download WooCommerce Product Tabs from here, upload to your site from wp-admin > Plugins > Add New and activate it.


WooCommerce Product Tabs Setting

Click on Settings of WooCommerce Product Tabs on the plugin listing page or Click on the WooCommerce Product Tabs menu on the left sidebar of your WordPress dashboard as shown in the above screenshot.

How to add a new tab?

add new

Click on Add New button as shown above. Follow the instructions provided below.

WordPress Product Tabs Fields

How to change Priority of a tab?

You can use 0 to any positive integer as a value of priority. This is very useful to control the position of tabs we add. Each of them is explained below.

Priority : 0 – 10

tab position 1

If you set Priority 0 – 10, this tab will appear before other tabs (first in the position).

Priority : 11 – 20

tab position 2

If you set priority 11 – 20 this tab appears between Description and Additional Information as shown above.

Priority : 21 – 30

tab position 3

If you set priority 21 – 30 this tab appears between Additional Information and Reviews as shown above.

Priority : 31+

tab position 4

If you set priority 31 and above, this tab appears after the Reviews tab as shown above.

How to add a normal/regular Tab?

If you want to add a tab and add the content according to your products, you can simply create a new tab. Then set priority according to your need, a blank tab will be added to each product editing section of your dashboard.

Important Note: Do not select “Use Default for All” and “Product Categories” for this type of tab.

Now go to Products > All Products and click on the Edit link of a product you want to edit as shown below.

WooCommerce Product Edit

On the product edit page, find the custom tab we have recently added. In our example above we have created a Dimension tab. So scroll down to the Dimension tab and add content as shown below. Content added here will be visible only on the detail page of this product (Hoodie with Zipper in our example).

Product Specific Content

Now go to another product, Edit it and add content to the tab we have added (Dimension as an example) and update the product.

You can easily add content to the tab of each product as explained above.

How to add a category specific Tab?

category specify tab

We can easily create a tab and assign it to certain product categories. Simply create a new tab, set priority and assign it to the category you want to show. You can assign multiple categories too.

Now go to the product which belongs to the category you have selected, edit it and add the content as explained in the steps above.


We provide support through an official support forum of WordPress plugins. Please click here to post your support request if you are having any difficulties using this plugin.