Post Grid Elementor Addon

Post Grid Elementor Addon is a WordPress plugin to display posts(articles) in a grid. It is one of the best WordPress plugins to generate the grid layouts to display your blog posts.

Step by Step Guide to Create a Post Grid Using Elementor

Plugin Installation

Install Post Grid Elementor Addon

Or you can download Post Grid Elementor Addon from here, upload to your site from wp-admin > Plugins > Add New and activate it.

Create a Page with Elementor

After you activate Elementor and Post Grid Elementor Addon plugins, go to Pages > Add New and create a new page. Select the ‘Default template’, ‘Elementor Canvas’, or ‘Elementor Full Width’ template based on your requirement and publish the page. After you publish the page, Edit it with Elementor.

Add Elementor Section

Add a new section and choose a structure of columns (as shown in the screenshot above).

Add (Drag & Drop) Post Grid Widget

Scroll down the Elementor widgets panel to find ‘Post Grid’ which is under WPCAP ELEMENTS. Alternatively, you can search ‘Post Grid’ on the search box as shown below.

search post grid element

After this, you can drag and drop the ‘Post Grid’ element to a section you have just created (explained above). It comes with various options to customize the layout of a grid. Each of them are explained and shown below.


post grid options


Query parameters

Query tab comes with the option to select categories and ordering parameters. We can order posts by the Title, Date, or display them in Random order.

Style Layout (Elements)

Style option


We provide support through an official support forum of WordPress plugins. Please click here to post your support request if you are having any difficulties using this plugin.