Advanced Google reCAPTCHA

Advanced Google reCAPTCHA is a free WordPress plugin to add Google reCAPTCHA on your WordPress websites. It is one of the best reCAPTCHA plugins to stop spam comments and protect user accounts like login, registration, forget password forms. Additionally, this plugin works for WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, BuddyPress, and other popular forms to prevent brute-force attacks.

Plugin Installation

Advanced Google reCAPTCHA plugin installation options

a. Search & Install

b. Zip Upload

advanced google recaptcha plugin upload



Click on Settings of Advanced Google reCAPTCHA on the plugin listing page or Click on the Advanced Google reCAPTCHA menu on the left sidebar of your WordPress dashboard as shown in the above screenshot

agr settings explained
  1. First of all, register your website on Google reCAPTCHA. You can click on the ‘register your domain’ link at the top of the plugin settings page or click here. Step by step process to register Google reCAPTCHA is explained below.
  2. Select the type of reCAPTCHA you want to use. This plugin supports both Version 2 and Version 3 of Google reCAPTCHA. Note that the type of reCAPTCHA you select here needs to be the same which you have selected on the Google reCAPTCHA admin page.
  3. Copy Site and Secret keys from your Google reCAPTCHA admin page and paste them respectively on the plugin’s setting form.
  4. Select options where you want Google reCAPTCHA to be shown.
  5. Finally, click on the Save Changes button to save all the changes you have made.
  6. We are done, your website is fully protected from Spam registration and unnecessary logins now.

Getting Google reCAPTCHA Keys

Click on the ‘register your domain’ link at the top of the plugin’s settings page as shown in the above screenshot or click here

If you are not logged in, you will get a login form to sign in as shown above. Please login to your Google account to proceed forward.

google recaptcha dashboard

On the admin page of Google reCAPTCHA, you can see the list of your existing websites or can add a new website.

Click on a ‘+’ icon at the top right corner as shown in the above screenshot to add a new website. Provide all the information stated below and submit the changes.

Register new site in Google reCAPTCHA

Once you complete the form and submit it, you will find SITE KEY and SECRET KEY as shown below:

site key and secret key of Google reCAPTCHA

Now you can use these SITE KEY and SECRET KEY on the setting page of the Advanced Google reCAPTCHA plugin as explained above to protect your WordPress website from unwanted registration and attacks.


We provide support through an official support forum of WordPress plugins. Please click here to post your support request if you are having any difficulties using this plugin.